Cloverleaf Services Coronavirus - COVID19 Policy

This is a challenging time for all of us and we are doing the best we can. We appreciate any support, suggestions, recommendations, as well as your understanding as we navigate through these fast-changing times.

Our commitment is to continue to provide for our customers and employees while maintaining the highest regard for health and safety, all Executive and Public Health Orders, CDC recommendations, as well as being socially responsible.

Please read below the details of essential business and tasks. Our policy and procedures are also outlined below.

UPDATED 4/9/20

Illinois Executive Order 20-10 requires all non-essential businesses and operations to cease all activities except for minimum basic operations. Non-essential businesses may also continue operations consisting exclusively of employees or contractors working from home.

EO 20-10 identifies the following Cloverleaf Services as essential businesses and operations:

Essential infrastructure: Construction, building management and maintenance.

Critical trades: Plumbers, electricians, exterminators, cleaning and janitorial staff, security, etc.

Home-based care and services

Exterior and landscaping work: Many landscape projects will fit under an exemption such as construction, agriculture, or public works. Outdoor landscape projects generally will provide for good social distancing that poses little risk of transmission, but it still is important to ensure the ability to wash or sanitize hands and take other precautions.

Remodeling (and Repairs): Residential remodeling falls within Section 9 of the Executive Order. However, residential remodeling companies must ensure social distancing compliance during their work.

Exterior cleaning, landscaping are permitted: Power washing businesses are considered essential. The business assists with sanitation of structures for owners.

Consumer Orders and Our Policy

If you are sick and have respiratory symptoms, such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath, stay home unless you need medical attention. Remain in your home until you feel better and have no symptoms.

Cloverleaf Services will refrain from performing interior work within the living spaces of individuals (1) Suffering any of the above symptoms, (2) Waiting for test results for COVID19, (3) Recovering positive-tested individuals of less than one month, (4) Individuals in high-risk health conditions without the ability to close and refrain from entering interior areas where work has been performed for a period of three days.

This policy extends to and applies to ANY individual that has been in close personal contact with, used or inhabited shared spaces, tools, vehicles, appliances, handled clothing or cleaned after ANY individual that can possibly be identified in the above symptoms or conditions within the past 7 days WITHOUT exhibiting any of these symptoms or conditions themselves.

Cloverleaf Services can and will hire professional cleaning and sanitation personnel for situations of immediate and urgent need. If your condition and situation is reflected in the paragraph above and you have an urgent need please contact us. In many cases we will be able to acquire these additional services to aid in your protection and the protection of our workers.

Cloverleaf Personnel Policy

Under all circumstances our personnel will comply with 6-foot distancing guidelines and additional measures as prescribed by local governments and health officials.

We reserve the right to opt-out from any project at any time if there becomes a condition where the COVID19 threat heightens and/or in circumstances that requested services are not deemed as essential or urgent as per regulations and government guidance.

We will update this page as needed when new information is available.