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A friendly Cloverleaf technician will come to your home each month for 2-4 hours. We perform routine, preventative maintenance and help you complete home repair tasks.

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What is Included?

Clean or Change Filters (HVAC)
Replenish Water Softener Salt
Clean Clogged Drains
Check batteries in smoke detectors
Change light bulbs
Check windows for leaks or loose handles
Clean garbage disposal
Check fire extinguishers
Check crawlspace or attic vents
Perform exterior visual inspection
Lubricate squeaky doors or drawers
Perform tasks on your "to do list."
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Monthly Repairs

Its not uncommon for people to avoid fixing small problems in their home.  With  our monthly service, we can consistently work on your repair list.

home preventative maintenance filter

Preventative Maintenance

We go through our maintenance and inspection checklist. We can also help you move items or perform light cleaning.  

Minor materials provided
You don't need to go the hardware store

Our team will keep a stock of commonly used items such as light bulbs, filters and fasteners.  Every visit we make a list of items you may need so we can bring it with us next time. Each month we cover up to $20 in materials. 

Make Consistent Home repairs

Each month you can start to build a list of items you want us to complete.  When your Cloverleaf technician arrives, they can start working on these tasks. You can prioritize the list so the important items are completed first. If they don't have enough time to complete all tasks, we can finish next month. 

Monthly Home Maintenance

Ideal for Seniors and People that live alone

Often we get busy or just need an extra pair of hands to maintain our homes.  That's why we created an affordable monthly service to help you cross those tasks off of your "honey do" list.  

Our technicians come to your home each month and help you maintain your house.  We also run through our checklist to make sure you change filters, check smoke alarms and don't forget other important preventative maintenance tasks.